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Bigwave Media Ltd is a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in serving business in all industries. We serve our clients with the spirits of “Professional, Customer First & Trend Following”.


Online Marketing Solutions

Google, Yahoo, Baidu
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing is based on different search engines, such as Google, the most popular and almost worldwide search engine, Baidu which dominates the Chinese market, or Yahoo.

Google Display Networks (GDN)
Google Display Network will place ads on websites that partner with Google. Currently, Google has over 2 million partners sites and 700,00 apps to choose from, reaching 90% of the world’s web users. We can choose which platforms to target our ads to.


Yahoo Native Ads
Yahoo Native Ads perfectly integrates companies’ ads with the content of Yahoo pages, including all pages of Yahoo’s desktop and mobile web versions, applications and major Hong Kong popular syndication sites.


YouTube Advertisement
YouTube Advertisement uses video as a guide, inserting ads into the video can increase audience’s awareness of the brand. YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world, with a large number of active users viewing videos on the platform every day.

Facebook / Instagram Advertisement
Facebook / Instagram Advertisement allows us to reach our followers and share information directly. By designing a series of valuable and engaging content, we can increase our customers’ awareness of the brand background, products and services.


LinkedIn Advertisement
Remarketing targets specific groups of people to re-advertise, such as followers, existing customers, etc., in order to get them learn about or purchase the products or services again.


Remarketing targets specific groups of people to re-advertise, such as followers, existing customers, etc.


Other distinctive online marketing services


Graphic Design
Graphic design is an important channel to communicate with the public by combining images....
Outdoor advertisement
Outdoor Advertisements are everywhere in the city. Even in the modern world of internet....


Website Design
「Website design package up the connotation of a company, through customized aesthetic design....
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